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Turin to get its own Goodwood

11 December 2014 11:40 No comments


Turin is a city that exemplifies the automotive industry unlike any other, but it has been lacking any major event for many years. The Piedmont capital has been craving for its own event for a very long time already, but without success so far. While there are plenty of happenings from Milan to Modena, Turin has been forced to make do with smaller occasions (though they do have their Museo dell’Automobile di Torino) ever since the international motor show has ceased to exist. That motor show was last held in 2000 after 68 editions and was cancelled at the last minute in 2002 when Fiat was also going through a hard patch.


The tremendous automotive history at the foot of the Alps deserves better though, and should have its proper homage. And so it will. Parco Valentino shall be the rustic scenery where the event is to take place. A location with much history, as it had its own GP from 1935 to 1955 (picture above). Legends such as Ascari, Nuvolari, Farina and Varzi all drove on these twisty roads surrounded by a green landscape, located just a few clicks away from the center of Turin. Here, in between palaces and a huge medieval castle, is where the international event will be held from 11th to 14th of June 2015. Drenched in an atmosphere we have come to know from the British Goodwood, there will be Ferraris, Maseratis, Alfas, Lancias and other classics making their way through the trees-surrounded roads.


But equal attention will be paid to cars from the future as Turin is still an important center for automotive design, while present day F1-cars will be brought to Parco Valentino as well. 2015 is the year when Turin is the European Capital of Sport and the organization (picture below) means to organize an event that joins the historical and modern day Italian car culture together. Parco Valentino, which will also be the name of the happening, should be the cherry on top of the cake after the Mille Miglia and Villa d’Este will already have taken place earlier on in the year. Several highlights shall also be organized in the center of Turin. One known location is the Via Roma and the nearby Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Castello. There will be plenty of happenings on the other side of the Po too; a clear indication of the vastness of this project.



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