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Trade unions agree with plans for Fiat Melfi

25 January 2013 16:37 No comments


An official agreement was reached yesterday about the restructuring of the Fiat-factory in Melfi. It is the evolution towards a modern factory in which small SUV’s shall be manufactured for worldwide export. The trade unions Fim, Uilm, Fismic, Ugl and Acqf signed the contract. Marchionne called it an investment for the benefit of the future. The management expects the European market to recover from 2014 onwards. John Elkann gave a speech in the name of the entire Fiat-group after the memorial for his grandfather. He emphasized that, despite the crisis, Fiat is now doing much better than ten years ago in Italy and that the company doesn’t need any government support whatsoever. Elkann also said that Melfi isn’t the only investment and strengthened his words by referring to the 30th of January, when the production of the new Maserati Quattroporte (on new assembly lines) will be celebrated in Turin. According to Agnelli’s grandson, this is merely the beginning, as Turin will remain an important foundation to Fiat.

As of next month until the 31st of December 2014, the 5.000 employees of Melfi will be at home in shifts. The production of the Punto will not be endangered during this time. The stock exchange in Rome reacted positively to the confirmation of the investment of 1 billion euros. The fact that the management in Turin stated that nobody will be fired during the works was also something to contribute to that. Melfi will turn into a multifunctional factory where, just like in Pomigliano d’Arco, the cars will be produced according to the WCM-principle.


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