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This is how the Alfa Romeo 4C is built in Modena

12 June 2013 17:36 One comment


Alfa Romeo is showing us a glimpse of the assembly line of the 4C. Experienced men with tridents on their shirts put together this wonderful piece of Italian technique with the utmost precision. No one builds a sports car like an Italian, and that is verified in the text below. The 4C is built in the same area where the LaFerraris are rolling of the assembly line, just so you know… However, Italy’s technological innovation does not only take place here in the Emilian Motor Valley, as many components of the 4C are produced elsewhere in Italy. As we already reported a while back, Adler is the manufacturer of the carbon fiber monocoque and has meanwhile started its production.

This small new street racer by Alfa Romeo really is state-of-the-art. Light yet very strong materials are the cause of an increased stiffness and an impressive power-to-weight ratio of a little under 4kg/bhp (268 bhp/tonne). With a weight of only 895 kilos (1.973 pounds), it is an extremely light car. And it is exactly that, the focus on light-weight instead of power, which makes this such a unique project. An affordable ‘supercar’ which is also easily maintainable. The 4C project was started from scratch and is supposed to put Alfa Romeo back on the map. A few thousands of them will be built annually in the factory where also the Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio are built.


Next to a very high-quality sort of aluminum and ‘Pre-preg’ carbon fiber, the Alfa 4C also consists of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) composite material, PUR-RIM polyurethane  and extra thin glass. Aluminum is used for the roof, the frame in front and behind the monocoque, the suspension and the brakes. Carbon fiber can mainly be found in the monocoque, but also the door post. These are normally comprised of approximately 6 separate pieces, whereas in the 4C, they’re a one-piece component.

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    Amazing car. A mini Ferrari Scuderia.

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