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Terms of use

We do appreciate the quality of our comments. By reducing misinterpretations, we kindly ask our visitors to obey our rules of conduct.
Keep comments on topic. Discussions about cars can get heated up, but in no way generalizing, insulting and/ or personal comments are allowed.
Of course we expect some knowledge about the english language and interpunction to keep readability high. The use of Caps-Lock is not appreciated. It is recommendable to re-read your comment before posting. In the end, we all can make mistakes.
We will keep a close eye on following reactions: ‘w00t’, ‘wtf’, ‘disgusting’, ‘yikes’, ‘britfag’, ‘damn’, or any other vulgar or improper language will be removed.
If you still leave something like “Damn, what a hell of car”, try at least to give some reasonable argumentation for expressing it. Discussions, we’re talking about an emotional subject, may have quite a subjective character but it has to be in the line of the rules of conduct.
Posts with links and/or images are welcomed if they show topic relevance. If this is not the case (i.e. promoting third parties or private cases) they will be cancelled with the possibility of an IP-ban.
The editorial staff of Auto Edizione holds the right to interpret and apply the rules of conduct to their own interest. They might be adjusted overtime.