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Serbian Fiat-factory collects ‘Companybest 2012’ award

6 February 2013 19:58 No comments


The Serbian Fiat-factory in Kragujevac is the biggest and most modern car factory in South-East Europe. That is why it has now received the ‘Companybest 2012 award’. This factory, which produces by the WCM-standards, was given this prize by the jury of Autobest, an overarching foundation in benefit of the car industry in emerging economies. The CEO of FGA Serbia, Cesare Antonio Ferrara (picture below), was the one who collected the award during the presentation of the Fiat 500L in Athens.


Fiat started this successful project in cooperation with the Serbian government during the last few years. This joint venture is in fact the reconstruction of an industry which had been destroyed because of a bloody war. Fiat was already an important partner of this industrial branch (Zastava) even before this absolute low in the history of the Balkans. Now, though, after an investment of 1,2 billion euros (1,6 billion dollars or 1 billion pounds), many 500L’s are rolling of the assembly line every day in Kragujevac.


According to Ferrara, this development, which started in 2008, has been a very successful investment which has benefited the entire region. Fiat is the largest manufacturer in this area employing 2.500 people directly and creating another 1.000 jobs in the supplier industry. Ferrara says he is very grateful for this recognition by Autobest. The realization of a hypermodern factory where an old one used to be is now getting the attention it deserves. Meanwhile, the Fiat 500L is growing into a large-production car which is selling well over entire Europe (certainly considering the current market conditions).



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