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SCOOP: Fiat Viaggio now seen in Turin

15 June 2012 14:36 No comments

The Fiat Viaggio is now seen for the first time in Turin, Italy (send in by a reader of Quattroruote). The new well designed saloon  in the C/D -segment is  build in China. The car was noticed on the streets in Turin, where the sun had a nice presence, warming the wide streets. If we didn’t know any better, we would say that this generous influence of the sun incorporates well being and global wealth within the Italian automobil industry. Of course this is not the whole truth, but the image is really fascinating. Is it Fiat’s intention to introduce this car as soon as possible?

The Giulietta and the Delta don’t have a saloon derivative in their model range, so a large (4,6 m) saloon could have added value for the Italian consumer. Besides the new Fiat 500L and some new versions of the Panda there is not much news for 2012, so there is a possibility for this car. The Viaggio would also offer a great starting point for the successor of the Bravo. Currently the saloon is only offered with TJet engines (in China), we expect the car is being tested for MultiJet and MultiAir engines.


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