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Saturday Italy’s government will meet Fiat to discuss strategy

19 September 2012 11:19 No comments

According to international news sources (Reuters), upcoming Saturday the Italian government will meet Fiat executives to talk about Fiat’s future strategy. Both Fiat Chairman John Elkann and CEO Sergio Marchionne will be present to explain Fiat’s strategic plans for the upcoming period. The main interest for the Italian government will be of course the outlook for the Italian part of the plans. The government will be represented by Prime Minister Mario Monti, Industry Minister Corrado Passera and Labor Minister Elsa Fornero.

The meeting is preceded by Fiat stating that the previous investment plan for the group was no longer viable. Just recently Sergio Marchionne said he never talked about closing factories. But he also explained that something has to be done. This should be in good cooperation with the Italian governement (and Italy).


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