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Road version Alfa Romeo 4C will be introduced in Paris

20 January 2012 15:32 No comments

A reliable source has told us today that Alfa Romeo will launch the 4C road version in Paris the 29th of September. For the Dutch market this effectively means production and technical details as well as prices will finally be revealed. The first 4C will hit the road probably somewhere in the early months of 2013. This light weight Alfa Romeo will get the latest 1750 TBI engines (mid-engined) with horsepowers reaching up to 300 hp.  The  fastest and most spectacular one will probably get the ‘GTA’ label, and a ‘QV’ will pop up somwhere in between. This came as a pleasant surprise, in a time when there will be relatively little Alfa news, with only the MiTo TwinAir to be launched. From next year on, Alfa will present a whole range of new models including the Giulia. By the time Alfa will launch the 4C in September we will have live updates.


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