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Punto Classic is Fiat’s secret weapon in Serbia

20 February 2013 9:36 No comments


Fiat’s perfect low-cost car is, as of Monday, coming from Serbia (again). This small Fiat was once produced in Mirafiori and Melfi, but afterwards the model helped the local industry on its feet again during the reconstruction of the old Zastava-factory in Kragujevac (Serbia). This was only a temporary solution, as the Serbian prime minister Ivica Dacic, minister of economy Mladjan Dinkic and the Italian CEO of Fiat Automobili Srbija (Fas) Antonio Cesare Ferrara have together seen the new assembly line of the Punto Classic being started up for the very first time last Monday.

The Classic is a model which sells well in this region, something we can’t say about the export-product 500L because of its too high price card for the local consumer. The old model has been taken into production again and is now being built by the WCM-standards, meaning a higher quality product will be delivered (picture below). The factory in Kragujevac was recently even given a prize for this approach. It is a busy period for the management of this factory, as the production of the 500L will also be expanded in March with the start of the American version and the 7-seat 500XL. The Punto Classic hadn’t been in production since 2011, but has now been given a second life.



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