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Project Ellezero will officially be named ‘Fiat 500L’

29 January 2012 16:44 No comments

It has taken a long time but finally the name is announced for the Fiat Project Ellezero: it will be named Fiat 500L. Maybe it is a bit obvious or boring but we think it is an effective name,  especially when you take in consideration that the 500L is created for the U.S. market where Fiat wants to expand. Fiat is considering to expand the 500 label with even more models. For instance, relatively unknown markets like Russia are quite attractive. By exploiting the 500 label Fiat creates a separate ‘sub-brand’ which can be very lucrative if we look at the current popularity of the regular 500. Names like 500 Multipla or 600 where considered too risky or confusing. Meanwhile in Italy Fiat was able to register the domain name www.fiat500l.it on January 5th. Apparently no one was paying attention. The 500L will be revealed to the European public at the Geneva Motor Show on March the 6th.


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