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Production start Alfa Romeo 4C again a bit closer

29 March 2013 16:59 No comments


Last year already, we reported that the Italian Adler-group from the Campania-region would be given the honor to manufacture the 100% carbon fiber chassis of the Alfa Romeo 4C. The first specimen of this light and solid structure of the 4C was to be admired in Geneva and was recognizable by its number ‘4C000’ (picture below). The installation of the assembly line has now been completed in the South-Italian village of Airola. The new factory, situated in the province Benevento, is called Tecno Tessile Adler srl. About 70% of the components will be produced by Adler.


The production start at the Neapolitan multinational was the result of an investment of around 15 million euros (19 million dollars or 13 million pounds) and has created 220 new jobs. Minister of Economic Development Corrado Passera, Ferrari-CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and several other government delegates attended the starting signal. The management called it a promising and honorable production in these harsh times. Much like Fiat, Adler is also working on a hopeful future thanks to the development of high-quality and sophisticated technique.


Adler has plenty of experience in this particular area of expertise thanks to the aircraft industry. The production location spreads over 38.000 square meters, the offices take in about 2.100 m² and then there’s an extra 20.000 m² for research and development. The Adler-group was founded in 1956 by Achille Scudieri and is still a family business, just like many other companies in Italy. The son Paolo Scudieri has been leading the firm since 1992. A firm which has no less than 58 production locations in 19 different countries, 7 development centers and employs around 9.000 people. Adler is a supplier for all the big automotive groups in this world and also to other suppliers such as Magneti Marelli, Bosch, Delphi and industries such as Electrolux, Trenitalia and Azimut.

As earlier reported, the production of the 4C is steadily getting up to speed this spring. The first deliveries are expected in the second half of this year, while it will probably be next year when they really get things going.


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