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Production Lancia Musa has come to an end

20 July 2012 20:09 No comments

We already made the announcement a while ago, but today is the actual day the production of the Lancia Musa has stopped, that’s what Italian newspaper La Reppublica says. This successful mini-MPV from Lancia is no longer in production because 2600 of the 5000 employees who are forced to take a break during the next weeks are now already on vacation. A considerable stock has been built up and this should suffice to meet the demands.

The shift workers who were working on the in 2004 introduced Musa will have to stay at home until Mirafiori has installed a new assembly line. The Musa is still selling very well and received a thorough update in 2008. Last year the production of the Fiat Idea, with the same basis, already stopped. The new 500L will be able to succeed the Musa, taking over potential customers and current owners. The end of the small MPV from Lancia sadly also means the final disappearance of the old Lancia-grill, which we came to know and love since the late seventies. Everybody is now hoping for an official announcement of Fiat to start the preparations for the assembly of the compact SUV’s of Fiat and Jeep.


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