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Pratola Serra to manufacture engines for Fiat Professional

22 March 2013 7:33 No comments


One of the most important engine-factories in Italy, the one of Fiat in Pratola Serra, can look forward to a thorough production-expansion. It was about time, given the fact that this factory hasn’t been working at full strength for several years already. Next to the new state-of-the-art 1750 of Alfa Romeo and the 1.6 MultiJet diesel (also commissioned by Suzuki), the 2200 JTD of Fiat Professional will also be ‘joining the ranks’ and be assembled here. This latter is used in the Ducato, which will from now on also be available in the US as Ram (with 3.0 JTD). As a start, the 2200 will be produced 100.000 times a year. This should eventually grow into an annual production of 300.000 units. Most of the 2.000 employees should be back at work from October onwards and early 2014, when the new 1.8 petrol will also be produced, should be the moment when this big factory is finally at full strength again.

The supply industry in this area will also be benefitting from the production of these three power sources. The government, trade unions and employees very much welcome these new developments around the former Alfa Romeo-factory in the province of Avellino.


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