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Pirelli-calendar 2013 gives new definition to beauty

30 November 2012 16:24 No comments

Pirelli’s genius idea to draw the attention of (male) customers, by means of a calendar full of female beauty, is up to its 40th edition. The calendar puts Pirelli in the spotlight every year, as it is probably the best-known calendar in the world. Pirelli is really turning into the true ‘premium brand’ for tires all around the globe. That must have been the main reason why Pirelli decided to make the calendar different than before, a bit more ‘up-class’, if you will.

The famous press photographer Steve McCurry (well-known from ‘Afghan Girl’ from 1985) was therefore allowed to go his own way with this edition. No more too young girls and slightly pornographic material, but stunning-looking models and actresses with their own personality and ideology instead. All the pictures also show the colorful background of Rio de Janeiro. This is what Steve McCurry had to say; “Taking pictures of naked models can be done everywhere, but I chose for models and actresses who haven’t denied their own ideals. Every model, every actress who stood in front of my lens makes an effort for humanitarian projects and ngo’s. They are idealists.”

The Brazilian city has been an important homebase to Pirelli for quite a while now, so the reason why is pretty obvious. The beautifully bound calendar called ‘Rio’ is still slightly controversial, but it has been implemented very subtly. We see, for example, a pregnant Adriana Lima and other models at locations where you wouldn’t expect them. The goal of this edition-2013 is to emphasize beauty in a more ‘pure’ form, as photographical art. The other models are: Isabeli Fontana, actress Sonia Braga, singer Marisa Monte, the Italian-Egyptian Elisa Sednaoui, Czech model Petra Nemcova, Tunisian model Hanaa ben Abdesslem, Abyssinian model Liya Kebede and American models Karlie Kloss, Kyleigh Kuhn and Summer Rayne Oakes.


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