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Pick your three most iconic Alfa Romeos ever

11 June 2015 12:35 5 comments


We applaud FCA Netherlands for this wonderful idea. Go to www.iconicalfaromeo.nl, pick your three favorite Alfa Romeos of all time and make a chance at winning prizes. The conditions state that only people from the Netherlands or Belgium can win these prizes, but what keeps people from outside these two countries from choosing your three most iconic Alfas ever? It’s not an easy task, by the way, given all the mesmerizing models Alfa has brought out through the years. Are you an admirer of the imposing pre-war race cars or would you rather the 155 DTM of long after? Or what about the mind-bogglingly gorgeous 8C Competizione? On the 24th of June a new – let’s hope equally stunning-looking – sedan shall be added to this list.

For now, though, be sure to visit the website. Even if only to be reminded of what an incredible heritage the brand from Arese carries with it. Also, why not leave a comment below with your three picks? These are your editor’s; 6C 1750, 33 Stradale and 8C Competizione.




  1. SportSpider says:

    Three picks just isn’t enough. Even with five I get into problems.
    My faves: 33 Stradale, Carabo, Montreal, Disco Volante, 8C Competizione, 4C/4C Spider. Still there are missing gems here like the B.A.T.s and Tourings new Disco Volante.

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  2. Diego says:

    I’d happily park either one of these 50 in my garage as well @SportSpider. 🙂
    That’s the fun part about it though; the fact that you can only pick 3 and need to think about which ones you ultimately prefer.

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  3. Pandion says:

    For me it is easy to name: 33 Stradale, Alfa 75, Alfetta GTV 🙂

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  4. Alfetta159 says:

    Here are my 3 picks from the list. 1. 8C 2900 from the pre-war era. 2. The Giulia GTA from the post war era. 3. The 4C from today!

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  5. S. Jaz says:

    It as difficult to pick JUST 3 but mine were (in order of droolworthyness)
    1)8C Competizione
    3)The original Spider

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