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Petrolicious again shows us the absolute love for Italian cars

4 December 2012 10:24 No comments

Bringing over the correct atmosphere with words and images is a difficult challenge with lots of limitations. We speak from experience on this matter… However, “what the heart thinks, the mouth speaks”, and that is why it might just work to touch the heart of the viewers. These directors of Petrolicious succeed perfectly. Whether it is an Alfa Romeo, Lancia or Lamborghini, they always manage to catch that right atmosphere of what Italian cars can mean to someone. Their movies are very amusing and they use their own special way of narrating and editing. The previous time, we saw how a few simple interviews – with American owners of beautiful Italian classic cars – were put on screen sublimely.

This time, we see a ‘report’ about Alfa Romeo-police cars, which seems to be shot at the Fiera di Milano near the birth ground of the famous brand from Milan (Portello). In the second movie you’ll find a playful way of how to summarize the relationship between an owner and his car in a short movie. Sometimes words don’t need to be spoken. It is one of our favorite Lamborghinis, the Espada from 1968, from back in the days when these Italian ‘beasts’ still impressed the imagination. You’ll see a non-verbal joust, somewhat resembling a fight between a bull and his challenger. Have fun watching!


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