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One-off Maserati 150 GT Spider up for auction

19 November 2012 21:08 No comments

This truly stunning-looking cream-colored Maserati 150 GT Spider from 1957 is not only (véry) desirable because of its looks, but also because of its history. It is a prototype from a time when Maserati was very successful in auto sports and decided to come up with a beautiful Spider for on the road. What is truly remarkable is that this is actually a prototype of a prototype. The basis of an A6GCS from 1954 was in 1956 converted into a new testing model for races. Though one would not suspect this when seeing this elegant Italian piece of art, the winning 300 S was actually invented with this Spider in mind (picture below).

That the 150 Spider really was a prototype for the 300 S, is proven by this picture from the workshop at that time.

What seemed to become a success, unfortunately changed into an unwritten chapter because of money problems (a lack of it). This open GT by Maserati was never taken into production. That is why, at the Officine Alfieri Maserati, they chose to develop the open 3500. That made this one-off object with Fantuzzi-bodywork of course even more valuable. This unique 150 GT Spider is in perfect condition, weighs 860 kg, produces 195 bhp and is fitted with an A6G/2000 transmission. The fusion of racing techniques and a beautiful design make this 150 GT Spider not only a true Maserati, but a real masterpiece all together, given the fact that many V12 models from that time couldn’t even keep up with this high-end 4-cylinder. The Spider will be auctioned during the Gooding and Company Scottsdale 2013 Auction on the 18th and 19th of January in Scottsdale, Arizona (US).


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