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No sedan or SUV by Ferrari

12 January 2013 9:09 One comment


Ferrari-CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has repeated what he had said many times before; that the brand from Maranello will not be tempted into building a sedan or an SUV, despite the demand. He said this to the German Auto Motor und Sport. There is a simple reason, says the CEO; “Ferrari is all about sportiness in the most pure form of the word, and that doesn’t involve SUV’s of four-door saloons. A Ferrari can’t have more than two doors.”

Montezemolo clearly wants to make sure everybody knows this is out of the question, and does so by saying that Maserati is, will and has always been the one to build such models. The same counts for the rumors about a smaller, more economic Ferrari; “That simply wouldn’t be a Ferrari, enough said!” Smaller and cheaper than a California simply isn’t necessary and this is proven by the sales numbers as Ferrari can hardly keep up with the demand. According to Montezemolo, 70% of all the California-owners are new customers of the Italian sports cars-brand. Attracting a new audience is clearly already happening, which is why LCdM says a cheaper model is not for consideration now. The same counts for the big FF.


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  1. Jack says:

    This kinda shows a lack of inovation at Ferrari. You’d think they would at least have a sedan or a crossove by now. I mean almost every other exotic car company have their sedan or SUV except Lamborgini & Lotus as far as I can remember. Lamborgini at least has a crossover planned for or already in production.

    They mostly seem to be interested in making overpriced mid engine two seater supercars. The big exotic car companies that do have sedans & crossovers are Lamborgini (crossover) Austin Martin (Sedan) Porsche (sedan & crossover) Mazerati (crossover & sedan) It is kind of rare a sedan or SUV makes it past the concept stage in an exotic car company. A supecar is typically a mid engine car with a V8, V12 or sometimes V16 or W16. An exotic car company typically sticks to a mid engine super car design for most of their models.

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