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No Lancia in Geneva

2 March 2016 17:40 2 comments


A new low in the 110 years of existence of the glorious Italian Lancia. Though FCA has launched an impressive array of new models in Geneva, there is no sign of Lancia whatsoever. This despite the fact that the Ypsilon was only recently updated successfully (picture) and is actually still on sale in entire Europe. We therefore can’t understand they haven’t at least given a bit of attention to this stylish city car. It’s an alarming signal for which we hope there was a practical reason; the space where Lancia usually displays its models is occupied by the Fiat Tipo-family.

Lancia fortunately did get to show its updated Ypsilon at the IAA in Frankfurt, but absolutely no sign of it in Geneva. Not even during the press conference did Marchionne or any journalist mention the glorious make from Chivasso. It’s an aching silence and we still hope FCA will keep the brand alive until it has gathered the necessary funds for a thorough relaunch. Lancia remains one of our absolute favourite car manufacturers. Forza Lancia!



  1. Thanos says:

    They do not plan to replace the Mito.
    They are not sure to replace the Punto if it is not profitable enough.
    Maybe they should just launch a Lancia to replace those 2 cars…

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  2. they are working on a Punto replacement; probably only a thorough refresh but they see the value in incremental sales from a proven platform and with minimal investment.

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