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No green light yet for flagship Alfa Romeo

16 November 2012 10:41 5 comments

As soon as the new big models of Maserati are selling well, Sergio Marchionne will also give the green light for the development of a new top model for Alfa Romeo. This will thus not be very soon. The CEO clearly didn’t want to put his cards on the table in an interview with Automotive News. Marchionne once again pulled up a curtain. RWD Alfa’s will eventually come from Mirafiori and share platforms with Maserati. The Fiat-boss also took a few steps back concerning the 4C. This new sports car apparently won’t be introduced in Detroit, but most probably in Geneva and will not be produced in large numbers. The SUV for Alfa Romeo has not yet been planned either, but will also be produced in Italy once it is ready.

As we speak, the production of the new Maserati Quatropporte is beginning in Grugliasco. Maserati will play a key role in FGA’s plans to sell big cars all over the world. This will also be very important to insure the future of the Italian factories by export. If it weren’t for this plan, a factory like Mirafiori would be threatened with closure now.

According to the CEO, there is absolutely no chance of Alfa Romeo ever being sold. Marchionne compared it to VAG selling Audi (which is a little optimistic)… In other words, it’s out of the question.

The Giulia is now in development and according to an American website, the Chrysler 100 is being made ready for production. The latter will also be the successor to the Lancia Delta and will most likely even be produced in Cassino, with both the Italian as well as the American badges. The CEO, however, did not say a word on this matter. After the introduction of the 200 in Detroit, Fiat SpA is counting on reaching the maximum production capacity in the US and then it will be up to the Italian factories such as Mirafiori and Cassino. As already reported, Marchionne hopes to further increase the sales numbers to more than 4,2 million produced cars a year. 5 million units would be an important milestone and it would guarantee the survival of Fiat-group internationally.



  1. Tom Tanner says:

    The ugly truth about FIA/Chrysler……..

    One thing I will say about M, he can’t make up his mind firmly about anything concerning the Italian brands!!! It’s back and forth for about 2 years, then a plan comes out and then changes again. That makes alot of people concerned. They have to control their long term plans better(Alfa and Maserati). I understand FIAT and Lancia having that issue more. Letting what the Italian government and unions do control your world car brands will drive them out of business. He better cut the losses now or it won’t work. That is the bottom line I am sorry to say.

    When it comes the Chrysler they seem to be alot better at sticking to the original plan. If he switches more Chrysler production to Italy he will start to run into the same problem as mentioned above. Does he want the company to be a success, or does he want it to remain mainly Italian controlled??

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  2. Diego says:

    Just to make sure; the 4C has not been postponed, they just want all the attention to go to the new Quattroporte in Detroit. Hence the choice for Geneva… Still, it’s not really in touch with their goal to make Alfa big in America.

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  3. Tom Tanner says:

    I will say the Alfa 1750 alloy motor sounds like a great motor!! This will be good for the enthusiasts as I want my Alfa’s to be made in Italy. But looking at the big picture I am affraid the government/unions will break their promises and hurt FIAT badly. This is something M needs to be careful about. Don’t rely on them to much.

    Tom Tanner/Ferrari Expo 2013-Chicago March 2013

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  4. Alfetta159 says:

    I’ve also seen something about not being able to build enough 1750 engines limiting production of the 4C? Maybe they want to see how the market accepts it first?

    It might be a good thing to “launch” the 4C in a show that makes it the star rather than mixing it with the QP. Anyway we’ve been waiting years and years so what’s another few months 😉

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  5. pumadog says:

    I don’t think the public gets diverted by presentations of the other FGA brands. People don’t care for the company behind. There’s big competition from other car makers anyway! But maybe the FGA people need the concentration for specific products.

    And if the big US relaunch with the Giulia is still a year away it may be too early for an Alfa Romeo car show in the US. Right now it’s more important to breathe life into the european Alfa business with a bundled presentation of the 4C and the Mito and Giulietta facelifts.

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