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Next Lancia Delta will be available early 2014

23 May 2012 13:38 No comments

According to a spokesperson of Lancia ( who we spoke in Turin last week), the new Delta will be showed to the public early 2014. He mentioned that the development cycle should be complete within 24 months. The current model which dates from 2008 will then be replaced. The platform used is the Compact US Wide (CUSW), this gives room for different versions of the Delta. But these questions were not supported by the people of Lancia. So we have to wait before these secrets are revealed. We expect the new model to have two distinct versions. One shorter version which is more sporty and a version with a longer wheelbase (just as the current Delta). This should be a more luxurious and practical car. The choice for the name will be the same, even if the car will be mainly build in America. The new Delta will not only be important for Lancia also Chrysler will see this as a strategic product. The brand with the Pentastar uses this new model to create a good starting point in the compact segment. They will sell the car within the UK and US as well in a lot more country’s than Lancia is present. A name for the American Lancia is also known, ‘100’. According to an American source , this model will be introduced during the second half of 2013.



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