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New Lancia-design soon revealed thanks to ‘200’

19 January 2013 14:07 3 comments


In order to get some information about Lancia nowadays, there’s no other way than to look at Chrysler and their plans on the American market. But still, even then you’re not sure whether the 107-year-old Italian brand will benefit from them. Marchionne himself was the one to introduce this utter silence around the luxury brand from Chivasso, and it has been nothing but speculation since. The cooperation with Chrysler is still ongoing, but no one knows what to expect in the future (if anything). The reason for this uncertainty is pretty obvious of course, it’s the European crisis. The current range from Detroit wouldn’t be able to help Lancia and so the brand from Turin is turning more and more into a two-model-brand, like Alfa Romeo has been for quite a while now. Now that the Musa will soon be sold out, the Ypsilon and the Delta will be the only ones still selling in large numbers.


However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as Chrysler is steadily working on a completely new mid-segment in the US. While Lancia hasn’t done anything worth mentioning in this segment since the Lybra, Chrysler is also struggling with the same problem. Ralph Gilles (picture), CEO of Chrysler, has now thrown some light on this matter. It is, obviously, called the 200 and will most probably represent the (future) identity of Lancia. He said that Chrysler will be going a completely different direction with their brand image and that the current range is absolutely not worthy of the future Chrysler. The D-segment 200-range of tomorrow has, according to Gilles, no connection at all (design-wise) to what the people are used to by the brand from Detroit nowadays.

It then seems like Centro Stile Lancia are the ones who were given the task to design this range. Lancia CEO Saad Chehab has already said that the design of the new 200 is amazing, and so has Marchionne. Technical-wise, Chrysler was in desperate need of a replacement for the current 200, but Lancia could make good use of a new sedan as well. It will most probably be called ‘Flavia’ and might be in the showrooms next year already. Gilles had an important message for Lancisti; “Wait until you see the new 200, your faith in Lancia will be restored.” He also mentioned that something’s coming up about the successor of the 300 (Thema).



  1. marsalach says:

    As Lancia was for my first and for long time my car of choice I would like to see a comeback to the previous stile of the front like it was with Thema first edition. The grill even of Chrysler is ugly and if you touch it you will understand is really nice industrial solution – flip back and forward for Chrylser and Lancia vehicles – but for the identity and for the image that is just the wrong way.
    I hope they respect the last successful course of Lancia and will even bring back the old but nice logo of Lancia – this new one could be lend out from a shopping mall.
    At this point we can only wait and see – hope was a bad adviser in the past.

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  2. Diego says:

    @marsalach I completely agree with you! I myself drive a Delta with the vertical grill, I really think that it is one of the, if not the most beautiful ‘normal’ car on the road today. With the new, horizontal, grill, however, it looks really ugly. My father drives a Thema, and the horizontal grill suits that exterior. But it doesn’t suit that of the Ypsilon and Delta. I sincerely hope they bring back their original grill with the new models.

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  3. marsalach says:

    Hi Diego
    My first car was an Delta 1.5 GT in red. In comparison with today the car was at that time something special in his category. After all I still own a Dedra Integrale in black exterior and to some extend unfortunately black interior (due to a change made by the constructor instead of the ordered rosso bulgary). But this does change nothing to the faces of those who were left behind after cornering and speeding away. It is still performing well despite the years on the skin (1994). My father still owns a Kappa SW, but to be honest: he had better ones. The three Themas were all better in terms of quality and durability. But still better then the attempts they presented in last years.
    And the grill is already to small to well present the front … but nothing in comparison with the current versions.

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