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New Fiat Punto, designed by Bertone, I.DE.A or Pininfarina?

3 January 2012 19:32 No comments

According to some new information, not only Pininfarina is busy creating proposals for the new Fiat Punto, but also Bertone and I.DE.A Institue are competing to be the final designer of the next generation Fiat Punto. It first seemed that Pininfarina would be responsible for the design of the next generation Punto, but now it looks like Pininfarina will get some serious competition from their own ‘regione’. In the end the design of the new B-segment Fiat (B-Evo platform) will come from Turin. This shows that Fiat wants to create something special in this very important market segment. It has also been a while since Marchionne gave instructions to design team Centro Stille to seek for design suggestions outside their own company.

The fact that the design is in the sketching phase means that the new Punto will be ready somewhere in 2014, so in the coming years the factory in Melfi, in the ‘comune’ Potenza, will produce substantially less. After all the current Punto is an evolution of the original model (Grande Punto) which was introduced in 2006.


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