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New E-segment Alfa Romeo in Paris next year?

1 July 2013 16:37 9 comments


Many rumors go around about Alfa Romeo every day, but one which returns regularly is that their E-segment flagship might be shown to the public way sooner than everyone expects. It is now the German magazine Auto Zeitung which announces an Italian offensive in this by Germans dominated segment. The Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte were the first models to introduce this offensive.

The editors of this German magazine say that a presentation of the 166-successsor might already take place in September 2014 at the Paris Motor Show. They also claim that mister Piëch can now really give up on his plans of Alfa Romeo becoming the thirteenth brand of VAG. Instead, the Milanese brand will be introducing an opponent of their Audi A6. Auto Zeitung also say that multiple variants will be introduced, such as a Shooting Break or, a little more Italian, ‘Sportwagon’. The engines would be the same ones as in the Maserati’s. We already reported a while back that Alfa Romeo is working on its very own technique in terms of suspension and transmission. The worldwide debut would follow in 2015 and expected is that this flagship of Alfa will especially turn heads in the US and pose a real threat to the Germans over there.



  1. One can only hope this is true.
    please, please, please, NO MORE DELAYS!

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  2. marsalach says:

    After reading the article of Auto Zeitung there is clear room to believe a great rebound of Alfa Romeo. Only the past five years stay in sharp contrast to the possibilities that FIAT Group has always had. – form my point of view.
    The article really plus is that the writer seams to believe Alfa Romeo has truly a chance to rebound looking at the technical possibilities around the single brand Alfa – with sister JEEP and big bothers Maserati (chassis, suspension, craftsmanship, selling store) and Ferrari as engine supplier.
    I really would enjoy that bright future of Alfa Romeo and the Fiat Group by its own, also because our own cars are getting older too. So far comments were basically made as a pure observer. But the more years come along, the more urgent became an eventual replacement of an Alfa Crosswagen and a Fiat Multipla …
    The best is yet to come!

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  3. Alfetta159 says:

    Great news. I hope they get the styling right. I think they should stay away from the 8C, Mito, Giulietta style. Get back to the 159, 156 modern style. The Ghibli is quite heavy isn’t it? Hopefully the Alfa will be lighter?

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  4. Dannyboy says:

    I partially agree with Alfetta 159, as I think certain aspects of the current range are quite attractive. However,I hope that Alfa stay away from the current vogue of “GT/coupe” style of saloon car which I find quite ugly.
    Please Alfa,not the Gloria cocept, it’s too “bling” and will age very quickly.
    The 156 was a classic,clean,simple design as was the 159 which followed it.

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  5. Diego says:

    The Ghibli is indeed quite heavy. Alfa (and Marchionne) have already admitted to the 159 being too heavy (and that was about 400-500 kilos lighter than the Ghibli), so you’d expect they would try to achieve around 1200-1300 kilos. But that’s 500-600 kilos less than a car with the same basis (the Ghibli)…

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  6. pumadog says:

    Diego, the Ghibli is 50-60 kg lighter than a similar powered Mercedes E. AFAIK the 159 went up to around 1800 kg for the 2.4 JTD Q4. 1200-1300 kg is B-/C-segment territory. Be realistic!

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  7. Guys, just to clarify on the weights debate:

    Ghibli might be heavy but that’s a large saloon (5-series/E-Klasse/A6/XJ rival) and has to compete in that size and weight range
    Comparing similar versions (I use base V6 diesel) Ghibli weighs 1835Kgs, 5 series weighs 1710 Kgs, E-Klasse weighs 1810 Kgs, A6 weighs 1625 Kgs, XJ weighs 1770kgs, the competitor’s average being 1730Kg). Alfa 166-replacement will therefore need to underweight the Ghibli by about 100Kg at most to be in the class standard, .

    159 was 1490 kgs, heavy compared to the competition at the time.
    Comparing similar versions of the current versions of its competition(I use base line4 diesel)3 series is 1410 kgs, C-klasse is 1490kgs and A4 is 1485kgs) and Alfa will need to be around 1450kgs or only about 40 kgs lighter than 159 to be on average. And that’s what they’re working on for the Giulia (or whatever it’ll be called) and it is entirely feasible by basing it on the CUSW platform, even if (as it seems likely) it will be a RWD variant of CUSW.

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  8. Diego says:

    I stand corrected. :-p
    Indeed, I got my facts a little messed up there.

    Markey, I wouldn’t say that the XJ is the Ghibli’s competitor. The XJ is more of a Quattroporte-opponent, while the Ghibli is up against the XF, right?

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  9. Well, I also stand corrected. the data I included WAS for the XF.

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