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New Alfa Romeo top of the range model almost ready!

2 May 2012 19:23 2 comments

According to an American newspaper, the top of the range Alfa Romeo model should be ready for production. This is in line with older articles published at AutoEdizione. Last year Sergio Marchionne admitted there are indeed plans for a successor of the 166, which is planned for late 2013. The large Alfa Romeo will use the platform of the Lancia Thema and the new Maserati in the E-segment. The car will probably be produced at the Canadian factory in Brampton, Ontario. The car which is called ‘169’ (not an official name) will probably use the new developed V6 engines and will lead the reintroduction of the brand Alfa Romeo.

Speculations about this car emerged already at the start of 2008, even before Fiat would invest in Detroit. The shaping of the car is lead by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, who is also responsible for the design of the 4C. Already around december 2010, our Dutch colleagues reported that the design proces of the large Alfa would be in its final stages. This design is largly based on a study of the designer Ian Bunjak, student at the Politecnico di Milano.

The American source reveiled that the Alfa Romeo will get a unique design and completly new stearing components and suspension. The limousine is one of the most beautiful creations the Fiat-Chrysler alliance have produced till now. Because the 4C, an Alfa Romeo SUV and the Giulia are the first cars which will be introduced, the phenomenal idea for this car is still on hold until 2014. All this emphasizes that Alfa Romeo will have a complete range of models within a few years. That the large Alfa Romeo will be produced, together with the Thema and the new Maserati, shows that the Fiat Group is very serious about an offensive move into the higher segments. A tactic where everything is done to achieve success, keeping in mind though competition remains strong.



  1. pumadog says:

    Hmm, I’m doubtful. Why should the car be production ready when not released before 2014? A pre-mature design-freeze would lead to disadvantages against the competition. Could feel “old” already when launched. Didn’t they do that mistake with the 166? 😕

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  2. Erik says:

    Or it could be just a warmup/teaser to keep potential clients informed… i expect they wont make the same mistake twice. The fact is, many technical components (platform-wise) are already in Brampton and the new generation engines is on schedule. If correct, who knows it could be earlier..

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