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Napolitano: ‘Agnelli-generation was drivetrain of a wealthy Italy’

25 January 2013 17:07 No comments


Italy commemorated the passing of Gianni Agnelli yesterday, and how… A big delegation of dignitaries attended the event, the president of Italy gave a speech and there was even a blessing by the Pope Benedictus XVI. It is not only an Italian way of remembering, what we saw in Turin yesterday. It was paying an homage to people like Gianni Agnelli who helped this fragile young republic turn into a big industrial country during the last century.


That is exactly what President Giorgio Napolitano stated in his speech in the ‘Sala Rossa’ of the city hall of the Piedmont capital. Other attendees were ministers and former politicians, together with relatives of l’Avvocato. Only Gianni’s elderly sister Margherita (mother of John and Lapo Elkann) wasn’t able to join the ceremony.

The president of the republic said that Gianni Agnelli wasn’t declared ‘senator for life’ by Rome for nothing. This man who formed a unity with the strong economic driving force of Turin is a symbol for the post-war generation. The generation which made Italy into the important democratic economy it now is. This old president, who will soon retire, calls people like Agnelli the drivetrain of a strong and wealthy Italy. Such ‘men’ are still needed today, so said Napolitano, for this country not to tear itself apart by divided opinions. People with an example-function and a vision which helps this nation forwards as a unity, stated the president.


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