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More details about the future Alfa Romeo Giulia from Italy

31 July 2012 13:39 One comment

New rumors about the Alfa Romeo Giulia of 2014 are coming from Italy. We hope you’re ready for a new ride on the uncertain roller coaster which is called Alfa Romeo; the information which has come out has even us, your humble reporters, baffled. That’s because it is exactly the opposite of what we heard from a seemingly reliable source. An insider from Turin told us earlier this year the joyful news that the new Alfa Romeo D-segment model would be RWD. The only thing which had us doubt this announcement afterwards, were the numerous stories elsewhere about FWD, despite the article from a local Italian newspaper last year which also mentioned RWD. Furthermore, Marchionne’s statement about the return of the ‘true’ Alfa Romeo DNA got our hopes even more up. Apparently the ‘official’ whom we spoke with was even worse informed than we were…

At least, that’s what we’re assuming now that we’ve come to know the following; front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are, according to the latest news, the bases for a number of variants. The AWD (Q4) models will be situated in the higher segments, in combination with the most powerful engines. Alfa Romeo is thus choosing for the well-known recipe from Ingolstadt. The car is indeed based on a unique evolution of the ‘Compact US Wide’ platform, being the biggest one imaginable on this basis. Length- and width-wise it’s a proper D-segment car and the suspension is completely new, especially in the back.

The use of top-quality aluminum needs to ensure the lightness of the Giulia, exactly as the other models of Alfa Romeo for the coming years (4C, Duetto). Alfa is also working together with Maserati for an extensive engine-range; a new version of the four-cylinder 1750 TBI will form an important basis with variants which will produce 200 up to no less than 300bhp. Meanwhile a new evolution (with MultiAir technique) of the American V6 Pentastar is being worked on (3.2l) and also the 3.0 V6 (JTDm) of VM Motori will be an option. Concerning transmission, rumors are a manual six-speed and a new version of the ‘Alfa TCT’, a robotized seven-speed automatic with dry double clutch (will make its debut in the 4C) will belong to the possibilities. Also Chrysler will play its role, making the Giulia a comfortable and modern luxury sedan (and sport wagon).

One thing is for sure, the Giulia will be the turning point of Alfa Romeo with America as a completely new starting position. After a long period of uncertainty and delays, this ‘turning point’ needs to be for sale globally in 2014. If these rumors appear to be true, it seems like Marchionne is choosing for a frontal attack on Audi. The German brand also uses FWD and AWD and is the strongest-growing ‘premium’ brand worldwide, trying to leave BMW behind for good; a battle which is mainly fought in China for the last couple of years. It seems that RWD and AWD is only meant for the highest segments of Fiat-Chrysler, and thus also for a long-awaited flagship of Alfa Romeo.


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  1. Alfetta159 says:

    Bad news indeed. I read the recent CAR magazine story and it said the same about the Giulia being FWD/4WD. So what is the D-Evo platform then?

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