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Modena factory produces engines for Alfa Romeo and Maserati

30 September 2012 18:44 No comments

As the brand Maserati is more and more operating independently, the number of units are increasing. The factory located in Modena will supply the demand in engines and suspensions from Turin. This is mainly applicable to the Maserati Quattroporte next year, but after that the Ghibli also generates such a demand and at the end also the top-of-the-range Alfa Romeo will be added. The production at this facility (Modena) will be limited to the GranTurismo and the GranCabrio. If the Alfa Romeo 4C or a new sports car (GranSport) by Maserati will be produced here is still open. Modena will mainly focus on producing engines.

Other interesting engine news by FGA, is the supply of the 1,6 MultiJet diesel engine to Suzuki. The Japanese will use the Italian engine in their newest Crossover.


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Alfa Romeo , Maserati

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