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Mirafiori closed temporarily, Lancia Musa out of production

22 May 2012 14:47 No comments

We already mentioned that the Lancia Musa were still produced because of the demand for it. Fiat kept the production going, much longer than was anticipated. Today we have the information that the car, which is basically a Fiat Idea will not be produced any more. Lancia introduced the car during 2004 and it received a face lift in 2007.  This mini-mpv was very successful in Italy and will be the last Lancia which completely originated out of Italy. The car did not receive a new grill, states our opinion that this was meant symbolic.

Stopping the production of the Musa happens within a dynamic environment. A environment in state of crisis, Fiat’s largest plant is Mirafiori. It will be the first time in history that all the 5400 employers stay at home. This will be during an obligatory holiday break, during June and July. A production stop of this magnitude has not been seen in Turin before. Just underlining how serious the situation in Italy and Europe is. Again the fear raises that this gigantic factory will be closed definitely. Mirafiori will have the lowest output in the history of the plant, this year. After the summer only the MiTo is produced and the wish for the next B-segment SUV is even greater. A SUV/ Crossover for Jeep and Fiat together will be produced. Fiat recently made the plans public, which announce that production will start in 2013. The empty predefined area’s in the factory are already accommodated for the new production lines.


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FCA , Lancia

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