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Mille Miglia 2013 about to set off

15 May 2013 21:16 No comments


Tomorrow is the start of the Mille Miglia edition 2013. This homage to what used to be an incredible race between Brescia and Rome goes on until Saturday May 18th. We will shortly summarize the schedule. As earlier reported, there are 410 participants this year, proving that the ‘Mille’ is still very popular despite the current economic circumstances. The ‘race’ of the ‘Freccia Rossa’ will kick off tomorrow morning at 8h30 local time by meeting up at the Piazza della Loggia in Brescia. That is where the ‘punzonatura’, as the Italians call it, takes place. It is the registration of all participants who will be starting at 18h45 at the Viale Venezia. What follows is a long night in which countless historical vehicles will be driving from Verona (20h30) through Vicenza (21h50), Padua (22h40) and Rovigo (23h40) to Ferrara (00h30). This gorgeous city is where the first stage ends, at the Corso della Giovecca.


Friday morning 7h45 sharp is when the second stage starts towards the mighty Apennines, for a journey towards the Repubblica di San Marino (11h45). The lunch is had a little while later in Sansepolcro (province Arezzo). After having eaten, the participants will depart for an impressive trip to Rome, where the first cars will be heading towards the Castel Sant’Angelo around 21h00.


The third and final stage is held on the Saturday the 18th of May. The first big stop is Tuscany, where lunch will be had at 13h00 in San Casciano in Val di Pesa (province Florence). From 13h40 onwards, there’s a lovely part of this ‘race’ through the Futa- and Raticosa-pass (15h00). The crowd in Bologna will witness the arrival at 16h15, while this is the case exactly two hours later in Modena. Cremona is next at 21h10 and the finish in Brescia is scheduled for 22h00 at the Viale Venezia, where the winners will be honored. More details can be found here.


You can also register for Club AutoEdizione to get a personal profile or login if you already a member.

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