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  • Fiat’s Melfi plant hasn’t seen such good times in long. There are now 1.480 people at work here and according to the latest news another 370 will be added to that. This means a total of 1.850 employees nee […]

  • Several Italian dealerships have now already begun transforming their showroom into a new Alfa Romeo-Jeep point of sales. These are the first signs that the beginning of a new era is close at hand. A new era […]

  • Marchionne has thrown us a serious bone by announcing that Alfa Romeo will be returning in Formula 1. It’s where the brand belongs, but this is some delicious news. Rumours were going around that the CEO had b […]

  • The new Fiat Tipo has made a wonderful debut in Italy and might very well turn into a huge success for FCA. Over 1.000 people have ordered one during the first weekend it was on sale. As a manufacturer you can […]

  • Italian law enforcements have announced that they’ll be using Alfa Romeos again in the near future. An order of 1.500 Giuliettas is a nice start, deliveries of which to the Polizia, Carabinieri and Guardia d […]

    • @anad

      Lancia is dead until the revival of Alfa Romeo is successfully completed.

  • Yesterday it was made public that Sergio Marchionne would make an important announcement in Detroit next month. This will concern the important production plan of Alfa Romeo and Maserati, both of which will be […]

  • Rumour has it that Abarth has other plans for the 124 Spider next to launching a hot version for the road. We’d rather see Lancia rallying, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Any brand of FCA would be fin […]

  • For a minute there it looked like Abarth wasn’t thinking about the future like it has in previous years. The Punto has disappeared from their range and sales in Europe have been dropping, especially because o […]

  • Fiat has gone to great lengths developing the 124 Spider, which is of course based on Mazda’s MX-5. The latter wouldn’t have agreed on having an Italian clone as a competitor anyway, so Fiat had no choice rea […]

  • The most limited edition of the Alfa Romeo 4C is for now undoubtedly the recently delivered 15 units for Club Italia members. This club should ring a bell with Lancia-fanatics and rally-enthusiasts. Club […]

  • Sergio Marchionne together with John Elkann kept on insisting until last week that FCA and GM might cooperate in the future to create economies of scale. Mary Barra, CEO of GM, however, said a while ago […]

  • This Maserati Ghibli – of which spotters claim there’s an undeniable V8-roar coming from the exhausts – has been driving around for a while already in Italy. Visually the extra huge brake calipers stand out t […]

  • The event “500 Day” which started at the presentation of the new Fiat 500 last Friday evening was a big success. The 58th birthday of the 500 was loaded with attention. All eyes of the international press wer […]

  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio has been spotted in Germany at the Nordschleife (pictures). The developers are not keeping everything a secret anymore after the launch two weeks ago. In Italy this most […]

  • No words needed. Just watch the video and be overwhelmed. This, apparently, is how you do a proper car introduction.


    • Bella conzone! Bella machina!

      Congratulations Sergio for a job well done.

      Good Luck!!

    • What is of utmost importance now is that customers who buy an Alfa are satisfied with the after-care from the dealers.
      Unfortunately, here in the UK, they have given the marque a bad name in the past.
      Can’t wait for a GT version now!!

  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia has caused/is causing quite the stir at the moment. It’s obvious that the new daring design language divides opinions. The majority loves it, others say it’s high treason and despise the […]

    • Love it – unlike the previous jewels (156, 147) that sold like hotcakes for 3 years before fading dramatically. This design is not revolutionary, but can evolve by subtle touches, and could help Alfa maintain its sales on the long run… something that never happened since 15 years and caused a lot of financial trouble. Technically, it’s a blast – they really dared to contest the current supremacy, which feels fantastic!

    • Totally agree with you. I do not believe Alfa is incapable of coming up with something totally defying the norm and capture die hard Alfisti hearts. The main goal now is to establish a commercially sustainable base to a wider customer base on which to grow sales to then fund the more exotic models. To lure the uninitiated, or otherwise doubtful masses, Alfa might have needed a more conservative approach. In a way, I feel is a good opportunity to show that Alfa is in every way as good if not better than its German contemporaries, by their own rules, and then on that basis, put its foot down on the gas and accelerate away in the next phase with Italian flare.

    • In this segment if now 1 in 3 is either a BMW 3, a MB C class, or an AUDI A4. Imagine if Giulia can capture a quarter of the market by offering comparable performance and just enough distinction to be considered an alternative by this current group of buyers, that would have been quite a commercial feat.

      @Midelectric, i have exactly the same thought as you on Lancia! FCA has a wealth of marques with wonderful heritage to play with. with car designs looking more alike and global nowadays, after they run out of ideas with retro offering like the Fiat 500, they ought to be tapping into marques relaunching as a brand differentiation marketing strategy. I feel electric or hybrid might be the perfect launch pad for Lancia. I would love to see some more creative projects e.g. how about reviving some of the older 70s 80s boxy Fiats like the 124 with a modern shell and electric motors? would be perfect for low emission downtown car pooling for short journeys.

    • @Midelectric & @Kevin:
      I cannot agree more with you about Lancia: FCA should use it as a laboratory for new and future technologies.
      Just imagine a Delta with an electric or even hydrogen/fuel-cell engine…
      Lancia should/could compete with Audi and Volvo the same way AR competes with BMW and Mercedes.

  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia was launched in Arese yesterday, as the entire world probably knows by now. The car that was photographed two days ago really was the actual thing, as we’d expected. The aggressive yet […]

    • I guess this is the front end of the GTA and other care will have a less “wild” front end…

    • I think some of the criticism is a little unfair. Cars like the 156 and 159 set a high standard for beautiful designs. However this is the first of the new Alfa’s so it needed a new design language. This Giulia ain’t pretty, but I think on the road it will have presence and an attitude that a more elegant solution might have lacked. After all many of the Alfa’s from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s weren’t beautiful either, but many of them were still great cars. The 164 for example looked quite derivative in some ways, but was still more stylish than rivals

    • Nice, thanks will look great sitting next to my GTV6 in the garage. Bravo Alfa Romeo

    • It would be interesting if we take a readers’ poll here how many think the Giulia looks pretty enough for them to actually consider it as a comparable alternative to say a BMW, and write a cheque for it, and how many are from FCA’s target major markets, like the U.S. Non-discriminating, and purely subjective and for curiosity.
      Afterall this important Alfa is as much about commercial success as it is for branding.
      It would give an interesting indication on whether FCA had made a correct commercial decision regarding its looks and appeal.

    • If I am not mistaken, the 159 too was criticised for being too german looking, after the gorgeous 156.
      I am waiting to see basic versions and information about it… but I’ll probably go for the Giulietta’s successor to replace my Mito when the time comes.

  • @Nils That’s when the press pictures will be revealed (as we’ve stated in this article).

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  • @RobertGT You know what we mean. Press pictures will give us a much better idea. If what you’re saying were true, then almost nobody would be able to judge the LaFerrari, Huayra,… As very few get the chance to see those in real life.

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  • There is no streaming unfortunately Michael, confirmed by Alfa Romeo.

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