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Maserati: heart of the Italian car history

19 December 2012 21:14 No comments


It is time for ‘an afternoon delight’ in the form of this short driving impression by and for true petrolheads, with a leading role for a few old Maseratis. The brand with the trident is an Italian car brand with an amazing history, a brand which we love writing about. It is equally important as Alfa Romeo and Lancia and is today again being revived, with plans to make this magnificent brand bigger than it has ever been. Hopefully they succeed in giving Maserati the attention it rightfully deserves.

Of course Ferrari is an important name too and by far the best-known brand internationally. However, this Brit tells us, with all his heart, what the difference is between these two Emilian sports cars brands (in a modest British way of course). The difference between pure and purer. This man is incredibly rich, and fortunately he knows how to spend his money. The 200S/SI, 4CLT and Tipo 26 in this movie are his property.


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Maserati , Other

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