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Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale 2013: bloody fast and 4 seats

27 February 2013 16:52 No comments


Maserati will be presenting a ‘luxurious’ version of the brutal MC Stradale with 460 bhp in Geneva next week. We were wrong, then, yesterday when we guessed it would be an update of the standard GranTurismo. We thought that, after the new S, GranCabrio S and MC Stradale, it was the standard version’s turn again. But the MC Stradale hadn’t been given any rear seats yet, and that will change next week.

A new dimension on GT-levels, given the combination. The term ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ might be a bit too much, but it was the first thing which came to our mind. Those daring enough to take place in the back are being driven in an – in Modena built – car with 4.7l V8 producing 460 bhp which goes from 0-100 in a mere 4,5 seconds and onto a top speed of 303 km/h (188 mph). This model comes closest to the circuit version for the Trofeo-competitions and even offers room to passengers as well. Optically, it is practically the same as the two-seat road-legal version, except  for the 20” alloys which are new. This MC Stradale 2013 will, together with the new Quattroporte, be the eye-catcher at the Maserati-stand in Geneva next week.



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