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Maserati Ghibli 2013 spotted in the snow

18 December 2012 16:06 No comments

ghibli test

Maserati has only just finished the new Quattroporte and they’re already working on the new Ghibli. The pictures which you see here were posted on Autoblog.it yesterday. We’re most probably looking at the four-wheel drive variant here, aka the ‘Integrale’. In contrary to similarly-named models from the past, this next generation will be a four-door model, of which the backside remains a secret. The C-pillar is again completely covered, something we already saw with the bigger Quattroporte, but could now be of much greater importance. The approximately 25 cm shorter Ghibli might very well be hiding a fifth door, though we certainly won’t be making any promises yet.

ghibli test2

The five meters long limousine, code named M157, could very well be the most important Maserati in ages as it is meant to compete with its counterparts by BMW, Mercedes and Audi. They’re hoping to convince the Italian businessmen as well, and of course the American and Chinese. The V6 petrol of the – in 2013 debuting – Ghibli will be producing 410 bhp, while the diesel (by VM Motori) will offer at least 300 horses. It is not yet clear whether another, less powerful, engine will also find its way to the Ghibli. The transmission is of course an aumatic eight-speed by ZF.

ghibli test3


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