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Maserati establishes new sales record in China

3 January 2012 22:22 No comments

The combined Ferrari-Maserati dealers are on a high outside Europe for some years; the Chinese businessman has more  to spend and has an increasing eye for the Italian design of the trident from Modena. In 2011 780 Maserati’s were sold on Chinese soil, of which more than half were Quattroporte’s . The GranTurismo and GranCabrio are also popular (43%). After the recent dealer opening in Shanghai (picture), other four new dealers in Wuhan, Wenzhou, Xiamen and Tianjin were recently added. Maserati now has a total of 15 selling points in China.

Moreover Maserati China has already outgrown Maserati Japan which has a presence of 13 dealerships. At least in these market segments, it seems clear the Fiat Group’s dependence on Europe is declining. The arrival of more ‘accesible’ Maserati models in other segments in the upcoming years will probably boost the Italian presence here even more. Maserati has also started to sell cars in India last year and aims at around 7 dealers by 2015.


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