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Maserati and Ferrari side by side at Casa Enzo Ferrari

18 October 2012 21:08 No comments

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari has begun with an impressive exhibition, in honor of the rich racing history of Maserati and Ferrari. Two big Italian brands from Modena who have always respectfully competed against each other, especially in racing. ‘Le Grandi sfide Ferrari Maserati’ (the great challenges between Ferrari and Maserati) consists of 19 special circuit cars from back in the days; Ferrari, for example, is showing the 500 TRC (the first Testarossa ever), while Maserati shows the A6 GCS/53 to the public. This latter is often called the most beautiful race car ever made. Next to these two, also a rare Ferrari 340 MM from 1953 (one of the four ever built) is presented and a legendary Maserati 250F (picture below), which Sterling Moss once called the most impressive circuit car ever made, while Manuel Fangio wrote history in it. This new museum is located next to Enzo Ferrari his birth house.

The exhibition was opened last weekend by Enzo Ferrari’s son (Piero) personally, during a lovely ceremony. Whether talking about racing or not, Ferrari and Maserati are two of the most impressive brands worldwide. They made Modena a ‘car city’. Alfa Romeo of course also had its part in this, because Enzo Ferrari initially ‘battled’ the trident with this brand. Alfa Romeo, which was deemed undefeatable, had a serious new contender from 1926 forth. Maserati went to Modena and this must have motivated Enzo Ferrari even more (he was born in Modena) to start his own company. In a short period of time, then, this provincial town suddenly had two major sports cars manufacturers within its city limits. ‘Il Drake’ often called the Maserati-people ‘those guys over there’ jokingly, but despite his dominant character, he never even thought of mocking the trident from Bologna. This of course all has to do with experiences from a far past, when the first letters were being written in the long and beautiful book called ‘Italian auto sports’.


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