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Mario Monti fights against crisis together with Fiat

20 December 2012 14:55 No comments

Monti Fiat

The visit of the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti to the Fiat-factory of Melfi this morning was one with a very symbolic meaning; the intention to get Italy through the crisis and to make the country stronger than ever. Fiat is revealing a plan today to fight against that very same crisis and it seems like Monti wants to continue his mission he started a year ago. Not as an appointed interim-Prime Minister like this year, but as an elected leader of the Italian government or ‘Il presidente del consiglio’. The man with the difficult mission, often called ‘Super Mario’, will announce his official candidacy this Sunday. It’s a Christmas-present for all the Italian entrepreneurs as Monti seems like the most decent solution for a more stable business climate.

Fiat thinks so too; according to John Elkann the big industrial country south of the Alps is even facing a historical moment. The mission which Monti wants to accomplish is, according to the grandson of Agnelli, a moment for Italy to choose for progressiveness and more stability. Fiat SpA isn’t exactly keeping its political preferences a secret. Elkann said this in the corridors of the factory in the province Potenza this morning. Marchionne already announced that the plan, which will be announced today, is a brave one and that it isn’t suited for people with a bad heart. The result of a difficult conclusion, in these times of a tumbling market.


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