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Marchionne: ‘No worries about Alfa Romeo inside Europe’

6 March 2013 8:14 No comments


Sergio Marchionne gave a press conference in Geneva yesterday in which the usual subjects were addressed such as the complete takeover of Chrysler, the market conditions, the Italian situation and Alfa Romeo. Marchionne was of course very cheerful about the latter because of the many positive reactions on the revealed 4C. The CEO answered very relaxed when asked how the brand will survive inside Europe in the following years. Introducing new models in these conditions has no point, so said Marchionne. Lowering the prices of existing products, which many other manufacturers are doing, is completely out of the question: “The comeback of Alfa Romeo will take place outside of Europe. The current bad sales numbers aren’t something we are extremely worried about.”


Marchionne didn’t want to speculate on the future of Italy. It might turn out for the good, but the industry may just as well become the victim of the entire situation, should the politicians not give their all to save the economy. That is why Mario Monti had invited all winning parties for a final talk yesterday, in which they tried to reach a consensus. President Napolitano, too, will again be playing an important role.

The year 2013 will probably be better than 2012 for the group, thanks to good results on other markets. New investments in Brazil, the US and China until late 2014 will assure the growth which is needed. The complete takeover of Chrysler, which will take place eventually, can’t be a problem as there is sufficient cash in hand (10 billion euros). Fiat won’t be forced to take unforeseen measures inside Europe to steadily improve its situation neither, said Marchionne. The CEO also mentioned that certain other manufacturers probably will be.


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