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Marchionne has had it with Volkswagen-arrogance

5 February 2013 9:23 No comments


The interview with Sergio Marchionne of last weekend in the beautiful royal Carignano-theatre once again made it clear that the CEO does not get along with the big company from Wolfsburg. He publicly said that the can no longer bear the attitude of the managers from that firm. This reaction came after stating that the new epicenter of premium cars in Europe will very soon be positioned in Turin. The preparations in Mirafiori at the Corso Tazzoli have already started eleven months ago. The most important brands for this new ambitious export-plan will be Alfa Romeo and Maserati.


Sergio Marchionne and Martin Winterkorn stopped arguing about the ACEA last year in Geneva, but they still can’t stand each other as car manufacturers

The CEO has already said many times that Alfa Romeo is absolutely not for sale, and he did so yet again. The people in Wolfsburg publicly laughed in the faces of the mangement from Lingotto when this decision was made. This arrogance was something that Marchionne has never been able to forgive. What he found even worse, though, was that the Germans weren’t even willing to listen when he proposed to discuss producing in Italy. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Marchionne. “Ever since then it’s gotten even harder for me than it already was to pronounce the name Volkswagen. I practice it every morning in the mirror, given the fact that I need to from time to time. I am not ashamed of my Italian identity and I don’t own any German anything. The most expensive car in Geneva in a few weeks will be a Ferrari and will be built in Italy by Italians. I will, by the way, from now on only be fighting their superiority-feeling with deeds and no longer with words.”


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