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Marchionne: full takeover Chrysler in 2014

5 February 2013 8:51 No comments


A noticeably cheerful Sergio Marchionne wore his heart on his sleeve in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica this weekend. The somewhat frivolous behavior of the CEO is probably thanks to the excellent results Fiat SpA is achieving overseas. A new chapter in this success story will start next year, when, so said Marchionne, the complete takeover of Chrysler will become reality.

The interview took place in the center of Turin on the stage of a theater. Marchionne once again repeated that Fiat wouldn’t be where it is today without the efforts of the Agnelli-family. The several production plans of the factories were, of course, an important subject in the interview. Mirafiori will be producing luxury cars for the brands Alfa Romeo and Maserati, while the factories in Turin will be working at full strength as soon as possible in order to face up to the German arrogance and unwilling trade union-leaders. Furthermore, Marchionne emphasized that the project ‘Fabbrica Italia’ has been one of his biggest mistakes. When coming up with this idea, they hadn’t been able to foresee what was going to happen; the crisis got even worse and they were forced to postpone new models.


The CEO in black sweater again urged the European government to take measures in order to cut back the over production for the local markets. Fiat won’t be the one needing their help, so said Marchionne, because of their choice for a more export-oriented production plan. All employees in all factories will be back at work within three to four years’ time.


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