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Marchionne: ‘Fiat can be strong in Europe again’

21 December 2012 11:21 No comments

Marchionne Fiat

Though nothing is now really pointing in that direction, CEO Sergio Marchionne emphasized yesterday in Melfi that Fiat can again be a strong and dynamic car brand on European soil. It wasn’t just a meaningless saying by the man in dark sweater, who is clearly eager to take matters into his own hands and make Italy as strong as it once was again. According to Marchionne, Italy has all it needs to grow into a solid production country; knowledge and capacity.

The investments in Melfi (1,2 billion euros, 1,58 billion dollars or 0,98 billion pounds) and a little later in Mirafiori and Cassino as well have their reasons. Italy is a production country with solid perspectives and this should be sufficient to make Fiat successful in Europe again, just like it now is in Brazil and the US. It is the most important goal for this well-operating enterprise, so says the CEO, by which he means that yet another crucial phase is lurking around the corner. The Italian factories, piece by piece, need to have a competitive international position with global export as the main goal.

Marchionne seems to be drawn towards these crucial phases, as if it wakes up the fighting spirit inside of him. More than ten years ago, during his function at the Swiss banks UBS, he was already said to be the perfect anti-crisis manager. Therefore, yesterday, the employees of Melfi saw a leader (picture) who clearly loves getting his hands dirty.


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