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Marchionne and Elkann promise staff better times ahead

20 December 2013 15:30 No comments


No fancy reception at Lingotto like always for the staff, but a sober letter to say thanks and endorse the employees who have stood by Fiat SpA through this very had year, is what they received today. This letter was signed personally by Sergio Marchionne and John Elkann. The management clearly thought modesty was the correct attitude throughout this letter. They thanked their employees and promised them that the investments in Italy are already in progress and that they will show their effect in the next few years.

Elkann and Marchionne praise their personnel for their patience now that the crisis has reached an all-time low. No factories will be shut down in Italy, instead several factories will be rearranged for international export step by step. Maserati is the very proof that this plan is actually feasible and, not unimportantly, successful. The year 2014 will still be a tough one. One filled with challenges, which they’ll face bravely, so said the bosses who thanked their staff for their loyalty and commitment.


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