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Lots of Italian rally history during Torino-Superga

29 June 2013 8:50 No comments


Turin might very well be the city with the longest rally history in all of Italy with names such as Felice Nazzaro and Vincenzo Lancia who already participated in 1900 with a Fiat 6HP. There was some serious racing going on at that time at the foot of the Alps, between Susa and Moncenisio, Cesana and Sestriere and from Sassi to Superga, at the edge of the Piedmont capital. What followed was a long history in the rally sport with major roles for the Italian brands Fiat and Lancia. Though now other brands with less inspiring histories are winning these races, the annual meetings for amateurs and former pros show that it is still living in Italy.


Such is the case this Sunday on June the 30th during a new stage of Torino-Superga, part of the Campionato Italiano Regolarità Turistica, in other words a race for historical and mainly Italian street cars. The stage starts at 9h30 at the Fiat Industrial Village. Fiat has transformed what is normally a showroom of company cars into a beautiful exhibition of the most glorious rally cars (picture above). What follows are time trials of more than 60km (40 miles) to the basilica of Superga and back. The prize-giving ceremony is held around 15h00 in the Fiat Industrial Village. This event was organized by Scuderia Happy Racer in cooperation with Fiat.


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