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Lorenzo Ramaciotti puts the final touch to Alfa Romeo Giulia

28 June 2012 17:48 6 comments

Halfway 2013, Alfa Romeo will already show the Giulia to the world in anticipation of the market launch in January 2014, that’s what several Italian sources said today. Chief of design Lorenzo Ramaciotti and his team would at this very moment be working on the last design phase of the D-segment car. Technically, the Giulia will offer all the specifications you’d expect from a true Alfa. The engines, propulsion and also the transmission will shape the new start of Alfa Romeo, forming a perfect basis.

The Giulia will appear as a sedan and as a station wagon and will mostly be powered by 1.4 and 1.8 turbo engines. The most high-end model will have the new 3.2 V6 (with or without turbo) under the bonnet, which is currently being finished and perfected by FPT. The production will most probably take place in the US in the beginning and later on also in another location, although no confirmations have been given concerning this matter. Alfa Romeo also wants to play a key role in China, because Italian design always does well in this strong economic region. Though a lot has been said about the Compact US Wide platform (4,8m long), it seems that the Giulia won’t have the same drivability as the Dart/Viaggio and the successors of the Delta, Lybra and Chrysler 200. AutoEdizione has received internal information that for the Giulia (and later on also other models of Alfa Romeo and Dodge) a lot of effort has been put into creating a unique RWD-variant.



  1. Alfetta159 says:

    RWD should provide great freedom for beautiful proportions. Can hardly wait to see a drawing.
    Any more info on the 3.2 V6? Like bore and stroke? And is it a development of the Pentastar?

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  2. pumadog says:

    No more delays, please!

    Congrats to Italia @ EM 2012.

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  3. Diego says:


    The new 3.2 V6 is indeed a development of the Pentastar. Since 2009, Paolo Martinelli has been working on it for the new Maserati Quattroporte (and also on the new V8). 🙂

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  4. Alfetta159 says:

    Thanks Diego. Seems like it will be a cracking engine if he has worked on it for so many years.

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  5. Diego says:

    @Alfetta 159

    We’re all eager to learn more about it. 🙂
    Of course we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more. 😉

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