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Leaked data shows official numbers Alfa Romeo 4C

5 February 2013 3:23 2 comments


According to the blog Carscoop, the official numbers of the Alfa Romeo 4C are different than we had expected. They claim to be certain of these figures thanks to leaked information from a Swiss dealer. This particular dealership would possess this information because of the upcoming Auto Show in Geneva, where the production version of the 4C shall be introduced. We know from experience that Alfa Romeo Switzerland is closely connected to the realization of the stand in Geneva.

The figures are lower than expected, but still impressive. There will be three variants of which the standard-version produces 240 bhp and weighs less than 1.000 kilos (2.200 pounds). A second, more extreme, version will be sending 270 bhp to the rear wheels and should weigh a little more than the basic model. This more powerful model is said to be named ‘Stradale’ and would be debuting in 2014. On that same basis and with the same power output, they are planning to come up with a track-version called ‘Racing’ (also in 2014). This rear-wheel drive two-seater will have an ‘easy-entry’ for such a low car thanks to the use of unique hinges for the doors. The Targa will be following shortly after the closed version. Prices should be between 56.000 and 64.000 euros (76.400-87.300 dollars or 48.000-54.900 pounds) for the 4C.



  1. Alfetta159 says:

    How about a limited run GTA with that 296bhp?

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  2. Diego says:

    We would like that! 🙂

    More and more information is coming out now, perhaps we will know everything even before Geneva…

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