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Lancia Ypsilon TwinAir EoChic on green gas soon coming

12 December 2012 16:48 No comments

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The Lancia Ypsilon, too, will soon be available as TwinAir with green gas-installation. Next to the 1.2 EcoChic on LPG, there will thus soon be another very green version; the 0.9 TwinAir EcoChic. The two-cylinder Ypsilon running on CNG is as attractive as the Panda with that very same installation. Extra economic and with sufficient power; 80 bhp. Back in September, we already reported that this car was being tested on public roads. Just like the Panda Natural Power, the small Lancia is also a little higher than normal (+34 mm) because a part of the installation is mounted over the length of the bottom of the car.

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Lancia putting that much effort into gas is not really surprising, as the EcoChic model running on LPG represents 50% of the sales on Italian soil. The five-door Ypsilon is still one of the most popular cars in its home country. This very comfortable car fitted with, for example, ESP and Hill Holder, is unique in the B-segment with its green gas-installation. The CO2 emmissions, too, are practically the lowest in the segment; 86 g/km.

Because of the round gas tank in the bottom of the trunk, the loading space decreases from 245l to 202l. However, it’s worth it, because a filled tank (12kg) will get you approximately 1300km (800 miles) far for a very low price. Lancia will be launching the Ypsilon TwinAir EcoChic in Italy in January.

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