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Lancia will develop mid-segment models together with Chrysler

6 November 2012 14:51 No comments

After the sad news for Lancia-enthusiats of last week about the ‘reducing’ of the plans with the beautiful brand from Turin, there is now more and more reassuring news that the brand will be kept alive within the Fiat-group. This statement is even coming from a reliable and objective source. Chrysler-spokesman Scott Brown has said that, at this very moment, a team in Detroit is working on the best imaginable design for mid-segment Lancias and Chryslers. Chrysler wants to start a strategically important offensive in the C/D-segment which has a lot of commercial potential, both in the US as in other continents.

It will be the ideal balance between stylish but not overly distinctive design and luxury, combined with the best technique and engines. The spokesman talked about the perfect fusion between Chrysler- and Lancia-DNA. He also said that Lancia is certainly not threatened with closure.

It will thus not be a pathetic attempt with Chryslers being rebadged with a Lancia-logo every once in a while. But this also counts the other way around, as this already led to an unsuccessful attempt in the US in the seventies (pictures).


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