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Is this an Alfa Romeo 4C ‘Trofeo’?

4 March 2016 11:17 No comments


These surprising pictures of an extremely professional looking 4C in racing guise briefly appeared on the internet yesterday afternoon. An ever-seeking editor of ours got hold of them before they were taken offline. This 4C seems to be made by the manufacturer in Modena. If it isn’t, we ought to congratulate the person who did this without violating the magnificent 4C.


These pictures of a 4C ‘Trofeo’ bring with them the rumour that some kind of cup for Alfa-clients will soon start in Japan. Sélénia-Petronas is one of the sponsors, meaning there’s a clear link with manufacturer FCA. The carbon fibre roof and an unrecognizable badge on the sides make us think of the recently presented Club Italia-version of the 4C. The spoilers seem to be custom built for the 4C, as do the side skirts and other goodies, which makes us think this is an official design. There might be a link with camouflaged 4Cs spotted during the last few months. This wouldn’t look bad on Alfa Romeo’s stand in Geneva.


In short; this 4C has us think of how Ferrari makes special versions for their ‘XX’-program. Is Alfa Romeo working on a ‘Corse per clienti’ for 4C-owners? This was certainly the look of it back when the 4C was presented. A helmet, plans of circuits and instructions were given to clients. On the sides we notice the indication ‘ARCA-SR’. Alfa Romeo Corse Asia – Squadra Rossa?



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