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Interview with Alonso in F12berlinetta on Nürburgring

16 July 2013 20:50 No comments


Want to get to know Ferrari-driver Fernando Alonso a little better? Give him an F12berlinetta and the Nürburgring and he’ll gladly take you as his passenger whilst answering all of your questions. This footage of Ferrari.com shows Alonso talking about how he sees life and what kind of a person he is, whilst driving 300 km/h (185 mph) at certain points. Though Fernando is completely calm and somewhat ‘on automatic pilot’, the interviewer is clearly impressed and needs to suppress his emotions. Still, the Spanish driver admits that one can never réally know the Nordschleife, despite how many times you’ve driven around it. The F12berlinetta meanwhile shows what it’s capable of with that mighty V12 producing 740 hp under its bonnet.


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