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Hot Fiat 500L with 165 bhp is coming

22 October 2012 18:22 No comments

Fiat is working on a more powerful model based on the 500L. The car will be fitted with the 1.4 MultiAir Turbo, producing 165 bhp, and a sequential automatic gearbox. One of our editors was in Balocco last week to meet the new Panda 4×4, when suddenly noticing an innocent red 500L with conspicuous tape and light-units. Fiat was clearly giving a sign, since the car even said ‘1.4 MultiAir Turbo DDCT 165 HP’, probably to prevent guesswork on the internet. The text tells us that the real news about this in Serbia built car is to be found under the bonnet. Besides this, we also saw a camouflaged 4C storming around the former test track of Alfa Romeo, showing us its excellent handling and letting us hear the amazing noise this car makes. ‘We’re back in the old days’ and ‘rehabilitation, finally’ were the first things which came to mind.

So, an extra powerful 500L with presumably a sporty look (not noticeable on the picture yet) and – who knows – an Abarth-logo. We already know the 165 bhp MultiAir from the Abarth Punto, but those magic letters DDCT give it that little extra touch. Alfa’s TCT already impressed us with its 1.4 170 bhp Giulietta, so we can’t wait to try out this even more compact bomb, which most probably will be fitted with adapted suspension and Brembo-calipers. We think the coming of this model has a lot to do with the introduction of the 500L overseas. When it will be arriving, though, we don’t know. Fiat has a few other upcoming projects as well: an extra powerful 1.6 MultiJet diesel and a Trekking with off-road look.


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